Force of nature

It always starts with a whisper. Just a silent word. Meaningless.
But not to me.
I swear I never saw that before:
such a huge, massive power encouraging and unbelievable.
It grabs me by the head and erases my past – it erases everything.
But not this feeling.
I don’t know if it is comparable to fear or even to death or birth, but in the physical way it is a tide of Adrenaline and Endorphin that gets your blood and skin boiling.
A heavy force, that brings me to my knees.
An earthquake, that brings about my downfall like I was a big tree trying to hold myself in the ground with the help of my huge roots.
I can’t stand this power. I fall.
I lay down, I rest.
But just for a minute. then again, it grabs me by the hand.
It is a journey, a journey towards the sky, to the inner of the universe and back to the earth, back to your room, back into your bed.

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