[armed nation] – Featured Artist January

Hey! I’m back on track!
I told you (a while ago) that I will feature and present friends, artists and bands right here.
And guess what! I made it!
Finally, I’m proud to present my first featured artist [armed nation]

[armed nation] is a band from Cologne and was founded by Vii in 2006
to improve and revolutionize the electro/alternative/indie music scene.
You can not pigeonhole [armed nation], anyways:
Influenced by electro, electronica, drum & bass, downbeat, ambience, alternative, shoegaze, indie, trip-hop and hip-hop, their bright and colourful style is the best way to relax, dance and drift away!

“Trying to be as creative as possible, catch up to the worlds elite and FUCK the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta BIG TIME!” -Vii

Vii – music, vocals
Lana – vocals, music
Nise – vocals
Kira – vocals

[armed nation] (2008)
revolution ep (2010)
revolution (2011)

Bandpage, Facebook, Music Download, Videos


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