Soap & Skin


I finally got it! Lovetune For Vacuum by Soap&Skin, 2009

Soap&Skin is the experimental musical project of Austrian artist Anja Franziska Plaschg, who was born in April 1990.
She grew up in a small village called Gnas in south east Styria, where her parents have a pig fattening farm.
At the age of 14 she began violin studies and developed an interest in electronic music.

She attended the Graz Polytechnic for Graphic Design, but dropped out at 16 and moved to Vienna shortly afterwards.
There she studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in the master class of Daniel Richter, but at 18 dropped out again.

Works of Anja Plaschg will be part of the art exhibition:
“Drei Einzellesehe nnicht erreichbar über immernoch nie” at the kunstbuero
soap & skin, myspace


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