Dignity and despair – The art of Aron Wiesenfeld

“If something is going on behind the surface, people are drawn to it but don’t know why. They’ve connected to something in it. And that is a constant theme through my work, the ability to paint something to suggest something that isn’t shown.” – Aron Wiesenfeld (Born
1972 Washington, D.C.)

Dignity and despair. Serenity. Ominous. Enigmatic. Mesmerizing.
I could go on like this..
What Aron Wiesenfeld tries to express in his paintings and drawings is the fear, the loneliness, the desperation but also the strength we had been going through in our youth.
We felt lost, but we felt pretty. We felt like the world was coming down, but we loved the danger.. we were so desperate.

Aron Wiesenfelds art is simply haunting:

Get to know more about the art and life of Aron Wiesenfeld.


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