The Fright – Featured Artist January

“Imagine Danzig, Guns’n’Roses and Mötley Crüe take part in a Jamsession on the cemetery, while 13 naked virgins toll around au jus in the care of the night.”

And that’s how The Fright describe and introduce themselves: The Fright are in Town!

Lon, Kain and Noiseferatu form in 2002 The Fright, and in 2004 Seares joins the band to replace Noiseferatu on the drums.
The Fright already played shows with bands like The Spook, The Other and The Crimson Ghosts, as on the first german horrorpunk festivals ever.
2007 “Dacabre”, their first album came out on Contra-Light-Records.
And in 2010 they played their first European tour, together with the Texan band Ghoultown.

And for music: myspace
And here are some information referring to their upcoming tour.


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