The Art of Kikyz 1313

I really love art that has a certain feeling.
When you just look at it and feel inspired and amazed or even frightened.
Obscurities and grotesque shapes, unidentifiable corpses or delicate skin.
All of it in conjunction (with each other) create breathtaking and spectacular fairytales.

Just like the paintings and drawings by Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio aka Kikyz 1313.

Born in 1988 in Querétaro Mexico, Kikyz 1313 is an exceptionally gifted and very talented artist.
Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio is an artist working out of Queretaro, Mexico. In 2010 she received her BFA from the University of Queretaro and has since been in a few solo and group exhibitions.
She is mainly using graphite, ink, and sometimes a wash of color from maybe watercolors or watered down acrylics.
The content deals mainly with the idea of humanity and death. (Source

The exposed work is based, mainly, in the study of abjection. Most specifically in the corpse, wich alludes to illness, dirt and waste. It threatens the integrity and stability of the viewer, attracted by the drawings developed from traditional techniques and obsessively intricate in detail, which results in an evocative imaginary, thus being stimulating and pleasant when contemplating, but when assimilated, provokes rejection due to the moral barrier of our social context. This is done almost exclusively in order to violate the moral basis of the viewer, leading him to dissolve the inconvenience of morality and turning him into an accomplice of the enjoyableness of death. – Kikyz 1313


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