Black Uroborus – Literally tied to Nature

Stephen Wilson aka Black Uroborus is a New York illustrator and has already done works for Masakari, Tree of Sores and Lurker.
Black Uroborus’ artwork is not what you would call the “typical blood-and-gore type of metal imagery”. It is still dark and gloomy, but less brutal and aggressive, what you see is more organic.

(above) Logo for the blog of LURKER

Design for the band VOMM

Shirt design for SUTEKH HEXEN

MASAKARI shirt design by Black Uroborus

Here is – in his own words – a succinct description for such depth of work: It is a symbiosis of “metal, mythology, Lovecraftian themes, nature and spiritual decay”.



His work is highly textural and detailed and each piece contains – from pain and death to humanity’s inexorable connection to our place in Nature’s cycles. Very often you recognise tree roots, blood vessels and worm-like creatures.





Visit and please be so kind and check his blog on or read more on CVLT NATION


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