Marvellous João Ruas (aka. the Feral Kid)

João Ruas (born 1981) is a visual artist from São Paulo. A Bachelor in Graphic Design, he has worked inside studios in the United Kingdom and Brazil before dedicating himself exclusively to personal artwork and illustration.

YORE – “Selfishness, complexes, everyday issues and anxiety are not exclusive of our times. It seems obvious but our unconscious arrogant adolescent attitude towards the people that walked on the same grounds we live on, tries to prove the contrary. YORE is an ode to echoes, to beliefs and lost truths waiting to be discovered.”

RITES SERIES (below) – “This ongoing series of graphite works is based around the movements of Stravinsky’s ” Le Sacre du Printemps ” (The Rites of Spring). The first six of the series were displayed during the “Lined in Lead” group show at Gallery Nucleus, in Los Angeles.”

“Le Sacre du Printemps II – Migration” (2011)

“João Ruas paints a haunting world inhabited by enigmatic figures and regal beasts awash in a maelstrom of mysterious energies. His explorations of the darker realms of the spirit evoke states of emotional turmoil, spiritual hunger and troubled passion. Weaving together history, mythology and cryptic symbolism in a misty dreamscape where twilight is ever at hand and the bounds of gravity seem optional, he describes an ethereal mythos that is somehow deeply personal and disquietingly universal at the same time.” – Amanda Erlanson

“Beggar” (2009)

Illustration for the article “Mutants” – ©Wired Magazine/Condé Nast Publications

Illustration for the “Hot Hot Mails” project.

Find more of João Ruas’ work on his homepage. Check his official blog here and follow his inspirational-blog on tumblr.


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