Amazing Aaron Nagel

Aaron Nagel is a figurative oil painter living in Oakland CA.
He was born in 1980, San Francisco, CA. Aaron is a self taughts artist.

Gavin Castleton, for the album, “Won Over Frequency”

“The iconography that influences me is entirely visual, I love the imagery and in many cases, the artistry is unparallelled, but the stories and characters they portray mean nothing to me personally. It’s all nonsense…but very pretty nonsense.”


“I paint the women I do and pose them the way I do because I’m trying to convey power. I freely admit the power that some women have over me is significant, and to me, that power makes a perfect stand-in for god, or something else godly.”


“I’m not a fan of pop-art and am not huge on pop-surrealism, so the contemporary artists I admire and that influence me don’t generally pull from pop culture either. as far as living artists go, I’m very much inspired by Alex Kanevsky, Kim Cogan, Micheal Hussar, Jenny Saville, Sean Cheetham, and tons more. They all inspire me to paint better, and each probably influence my painting in their own way that I’m not entirely conscious of.”

Artist Aaron Nagel Studio Interview

Read this interwiev on completely and visit


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