Master Lui Liu

Lui Liu, – who was born in Northern China but moved to Canada in the early 1990s – trained at the esteemed Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His masterful technique has been compared to the italian baroque artist Caravaggio (I think you will also find a bit of De Chirico or Dalí). In a Chinese twist, Lui Liu uses his oil paintings to play with the absurd, toying with the viewer in an often grotesque hilarity.


His acquisition of techniques started during China’s Cultural Revolution when he was a little boy painting posters on the street. And he continued in the most prestigious Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing.


In my opinion, the borderlines dividing language, science, common sense and the arts are disappearing gradually. I see convergence bringing about an integrated cultural world, and my works are an attempt to present such a vision of the integrating world to our senses. For me, this is the utterable element still unuttered. – Lui Liu


What’s left of ME in my paintings then is the combination of other people’s rules and technique and my psychological perception of reality. I don’t try to be ancient or modern. I could only paint within the continuity of a tradition and with a simple mission: to paint the ever-lasting mythopoetic images of our time as they come out of the past and move into the future
– Lui Liu

Visit his official homepage


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