Handmade uniqe noble black garment by our friend @strigoitattoo. Each piece is a single copy.
Available only in the studio in Düsseldorf, no online shop.

Models are @robbykudrjawzew @carolin_ink @meinpolaroidkochbuch
Photographed by me



A fantastic Instagram account

Instagram is a fascinating platform. Not only to stroll and explore accounts but also to find remarkably interesting artists – beside the selfie industry.

I started using instagram very late due to lack of interest. I didn’t know what a beautiful thing it can be and by now I use it nearly every day to find new inspiration, to support and encourage the people behind my favourite accounts.



I have a new follower. And I can only enthrust this account to you.

A black ghost travelling and haunting places? is photography from Moscow, Russia



When you shoot film, it happens once in a while that the first frame is just half the image you captured.

Tag your first with #firstoftheroll and be featured on f1rstoftheroll




Suna Coskan is a graphic designer residing in Berlin, Germany.  She started using pictures from magizines and now assembling her own pictures with a spirograph. For more check monkeypistol or


There is a new portfolio up on Tumblr –

I will start posting again on The Blog asap, promise. I really miss browsing the internet for art and share it with people who are looking for inspiration around here.

Fyrnask live at Funkenflug 2015

Finally I can reveal some footage of Fyrnask’s live show at the Neudegg Alm in Abtenau. Speckjagas Funkenflug, Summer Solstice 2015

Fyrnask live @Spegjaga, Funkenflug 2015. Neudegg Alm, Abtenau, Austria.

Brigitte Zobel | meandasuicide |