Handmade uniqe noble black garment by our friend @strigoitattoo. Each piece is a single copy. Available only in the studio in Düsseldorf, no online shop. Models are Karo, Caro & Robby. Photographed by me.

A fantastic Instagram account

Instagram is a fascinating platform. Not only to stroll and explore accounts but also to find remarkably interesting artists – beside the selfie industry. I started using instagram very late due to lack of interest. I didn’t know what a beautiful thing it can be and by now I use it nearly every day to…

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s Hilo Chen

Hilo Chen is a Taiwanese-American painter and is known for his erotic photorealistic paintings. He studied Architectural Engineering, Chung Yien College, Taiwan and had multiple solo and selected group exhibitions all over the world. His work is in major museum collections throughout the world. Currently presented by Bernaducci Meisel Gallery.


Paul, a 25-year-old product designer, came up with a brilliant idea. He invented the “Pfandring” that is a so-called “deposit ring”. There are still people who rely on the extra bit of cash they get by collecting discarded deposit bottles from public trash cans. Paul Ketz’s creative invention makes it easier for collectors to reach…

Josh Keyes – One thing is clear, the world has changed

above, Roaming Woods 20″x34″, acrylic on birch panel, 2013 “The variety of animals and odd creatures I have created over the years began to ask where do we come from, what is our story?” Treadmill 24″x30″, acrylic on canvas, 2006 His work has been described as “a satirical look at the impact urban sprawl has…