Yanni Floros’ Charcoal Artwork

“I’ve always been interested in technology, especially the design of things and the way they’re put together. It goes deeper than that, when I view humanity as a whole I have to ask ‘what is it about us that wants to make all this?”

Born in 1981, Yanni Floros is a Adelaide, Australia based artist who visited the National Art School in Sydney.

“Yanni’s imagery reflects the fact that we hide behind our technology and amplify our fear of the natural world. It brings into question the nature of ourselves and where we are going.”

His works merge seamless from painting, into sculpting and drawing. These are charcoal illustrations. But the first time I came across these charcoal illustrations, I seriously thought I had just stumbled upon photographs:

Girls with headphones on, their back turned on the beholder.. Just to show how insanely talented Floros’ illustrations really are:

Floros has always been interested in technology, the design of things and how they are put together.
But, it goes deeper than that. When he views humanity as a whole, he has to ask What is it about us that wants to make all this?

That question affords him the ability to examine not only the Why but also the final product.

“As we hurtle towards an unknown and uncertain future, technology and the way we use it will become increasingly more important,” he says. “It has already become so integrated into our lives that I doubt many of us could live without it. As we build more and invent more, are we helping our humanity or are we robbing ourselves of it?”

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