Ultha, Fyrnask, BlackShore live @Helvete, Oberhausen





Brigitte Zobel | meandasuicide | http://www.brigittezobel.tumblr.com


Chapel Of Disease

Promoshoot, February 2014

Review of Chapel Of Disease in the #1 issue of new german DEAF FOREVER magazine

Brigitte Zobel | meandasuicide | http://www.brigittezobel.tumblr.com

The digital art of Ryohei Hase

Ryohei is a digital painter from Tokyo. Horror, fantasy and surrealism are main characteristics and topics in his art..

Ryoheis’ different series show his different styles of working and make this artist to an individual who’s illustrative and realistic works are filled with darkness, sadness and gloominess, but also beauty and strength. His work is expressing the darkness of his mind..


STUNTKID has an amzing, beautiful and very interesting blog where you can find everything you want!
You can download Wallpapers, for example, or get some “Original Works for Sale”.
Sadly, his exhibitions will be shown only in the US and Canada.. for now – HAHAHAHA!

So please – give it up for STUNTKID:
“Biospere – Time lapse”