The Fright – Featured Artist January

“Imagine Danzig, Guns’n’Roses and Mötley Crüe take part in a Jamsession on the cemetery, while 13 naked virgins toll around au jus in the care of the night.”

And that’s how The Fright describe and introduce themselves: The Fright are in Town!

Lon, Kain and Noiseferatu form in 2002 The Fright, and in 2004 Seares joins the band to replace Noiseferatu on the drums.
The Fright already played shows with bands like The Spook, The Other and The Crimson Ghosts, as on the first german horrorpunk festivals ever.
2007 “Dacabre”, their first album came out on Contra-Light-Records.
And in 2010 they played their first European tour, together with the Texan band Ghoultown.

And for music: myspace
And here are some information referring to their upcoming tour.


The Crimson Ghosts – Featured Artist November

Image above © Barb@Bildwerk. The Crimson Ghosts are (f.l.t.r.): Reverend, Monstro, Vlad and Jackal

How come you started playing Horrorpunk? I know you started as a Misfits-Cover band in 2001.
MONSTRO: The idea was to play a one time Halloween show as a Misfits cover band. See what happened! We created a monster!!!!
JACKAL: Looks like to start writing own songs for TCG was the best decision we ever made!

You already played with other popular groups like Misfits, Horrorpops & Blitzkid – what does it mean to you (as a band) to have the honour to hang out with those guys, for example on stage?
JACKAL: My thought of playing with bigger bands goes more into the “this will help us getting new fans” direction. In the end even the biggest bands are only human beings. But of course if they are fun to hang out with we’re always looking forward to the AfterShowParty!
MONSTRO: I really don’t care if somebody is famous or something like that. For our band it was a big chance to support the Misfits and famous bands from other genres like Destruction, Immortal or Totenmond. We try to enjoy every gig and yes, mostly we meet the guys and mostly they are very kind. Some of them even became good friends.

How was the “Hellnight 2007”-Tour for you? Have you been more stressed or did you have fun, and how do you like touring in general?
MONSTRO: Touring is always a mix between heaven and hell! The Hellnights-Tour was like a ride on the rollercoaster…. Ups and Downs all the time. But in the end I enjoyed every single moment as an experience. We met a lot of cool people and the mood between the bands was fantastic.
JACKAL: Since that tour my TETRIS skills increased drastically!! It was unbelievably bad organised and almost leaded to the extinction of TCG and THE SPOOK because one of the scrap heap vans front tires exploded on the highway. But well – we survived and met damn cool people that we are still in contact with and we played some of the sickest shows in the band’s history (Halloween at the Underground/Cologne of course was the highlight!)

What’s your favourite Album/Song by The Crimson Ghosts?
MONSTRO: Hahahaha……nice one! It’s like asking parents what child they prefer! But ok… My favourite Album is “Generation Gore”! All known trademarks of The Crimson Ghosts are on this album. And my all-time favourite song is “Armagetron”! I’ll never get tired to hear and to play this song!
JACKAL: My favourite song always changes…I wouldn’t even say that my preferred live song is the same as my preferred album song. But well…Right now my favourite studio song is “Dein Nachtmahr”…On the last couple of shows my favourite live song was “Living Carrion”. Always nice to see when the crowd is going nuts beating up each other, haha.

Describe The Crimson Ghosts in 5 words.
MONSTRO: brutal, crazy, honest, funny, hungry!
JACKAL: Brainripping Horrorpunk straight from hell!

Hahaha, thank you guys!!!!!

Brainripping Horrorpunk!
“It was around the creepy time of 2001’s Halloween that four musicians from the
city of Cologne summoned the darkest parts in their souls to haunt
the world of the living as a band that shall be known as THE CRIMSON GHOSTS..”

The Crimson Ghosts, a band from Cologne, have already released four LPs + one Vinyl EP full of spooky Horrorpunk but also catchy ballads.
Their latest album was released in 2010 and is called “Generation Gore”.
Right now the band is concentrating on writing material
for the fifth album which should be out in late 2012.

The Crimson Ghosts official facebook site
The Crimson Ghosts Website
and for contact and booking mail to:

Explosive Street Art – Etching by Vhils

Vhils x Orelha Negra Collaboration

Direction and edition: Vhils aka Alexandre Farto
Photography Director: Vasco Viana
Executive Producer and Additional Post Production: CINEMACTIV
Pyrotechnics: Pirotec
Production Assistance: Leonor Viegas
Help and Support: Alexander Silva, João Vidinha, Jucapinga, ±, Fidel and Fábrica Braço de Prata

You want so see more of Vhils art?
Right here!