Albín Brunovský’s surrealistic illustrations

Albín Brunovský was a Slovak painter, graphic artist, lithographer, illustrator and considered one of the greatest Slovak painters of the 20th century. He died in January 1997 in Bratislava, Slovakia


The Hložník School, where he studied under Prof. Vincent Hložník from 1955 to 1961, was known for its high artistic and technical preparation in graphic arts.
1981 he was appointed as a professor, creating his own engraving school.


Tri Princezne V Belasej Skale (Bratislava: Mladé letá, 1972), owns the title of being the “most disturbing children’s book of all time.” It has about ten full-color plates and countless black/white/green illustrations.



Rainbath Visual

Rainbath Visual, aka Reuben Sawyer is an illustrator, who works mainly in black & white using basic materials such as pen, sharpie, india ink, acrylic and sometimes spray paint. He is responsible for the artwork of bands like Deafheaven, Altar of Plagues, Ash Borer, WITTR and many others.
The illustrations are detailed and the lines build abstract forms.. Reubens main influence is the study of the natural world and its relation to the subconscious, so his works are mainly showing nature and animals, often with a frame of solid space around a central image. Nature and the universe, in the middle of all.

“ the Earth floats in a vast empty vacuum of Dark Matter.”







Iannocent – Featured Artist February

Born on 13 May 1987, Ian Permana is a very talented illustrator from Bandung, Indonesia.
Check one of his internet appearances: Iannocent on Bahance.

I asked him for a little interview to get to know him and the way he is working much better. And here we are.

What means Iannocent, always wanted to know how you got your name.
I can discern Innocent – is that right?

That’s right, iannocent is from innocent, a long time ago my nickname was “Innocent”,
but my friend said “the name will be more interesting if you combine your name (Ian) with innocent”.
My name is Ian + Innocent = Iannocent, that’s the story behind my nickname, thanks to my friend Alfatoni for the idea.

Tell me about your hometown: How is your life as an artist in Bandung, Indonesia?
In my city all people like beauty, art, street art, and music. Many creative people live here.
An inspiration for me is the illustration community I joined in. The name is ACEKING SKETCH SQUAD (ASS). You find many
different styles of drawing – it’s awesome.
For me as an artist it is just a little disappointing, because you don’t get a real appreciation for your work, so I must work very hard to get enough money and keep the loyalty towards my artwork.

When and why did you start drawing and illustrating? Has your work already developed yet?
I like to draw. When I was a child, I liked drawing Songoku, Bezita, and Frezer – that are characters from my favorite anime “DRAGONBALL Z”.
Back in the days I loved to draw animes, but now my drawing grew with many references, many styles, and many artists, so this is my style now.
Yeah, my work developes until now, I’m still working on my technique and learn how to issue a concept for my artwork.

There are so many ways one can connect with people, but what motivates you to build relationships through an art making process?
I just ask, because I saw that you already worked with ELFT, another artist from Indonesia (“Elft x Iannocent”). Can we expect more?

I like to post pictures of the drawing-process. The process is the story of my drawing, and actually will be my history. I really appreciate the process.
I like to share every drawing-process, I hope that many people around the world appreciate the process too and maybe this connects us.
ELFT is a friend from my community. We always talk about the illustration world or draw together.
I asked him to collaborate on some artwork, but only the “opening artwork” is finished now.
The main artwork still is in progress, because he’s really busy. I want to collaborate with other artist from another city or country.

Do you have any other artist you would like to work with?
Yes sure, I want collab with Oliver DZO, PEZ Artwork, Mymutas, Aaron Horkey (he’s my main inspiration), and many more..

Is there anything you consistently draw inspiration from and what is your work about?
I consistently like drawing animals, so my work is about “Natural Anger”. A lot of people who destroy nature for their personal needs, but do not realize that it is a quick way to ruin ones life.

What’s the best, or even the worst thing about being an artist?
The best about being an artist for me is that we can work with our imagination, to make the Earth a not saturate.
There is no worst thing about being an artist. For me drawing is the best thing to do and it is the best thing in my life.


Iannocent x T.M.P
Iannocent x T.M.P
behind mask- In process
behind mask- In process

Iannocent on facebook
and tumblr.

Josh Keys Illustration

“Josh Keyes’ style is reminiscent of the diagrammatic vocabulary found in scientific textbook illustrations that often express through a detached and clinical viewpoint an empirical representation of the natural world. Assembled into this virtual stage set are references to contemporary events along with images and themes from his personal mythology. Josh Keyes’ work is a hybrid of eco-surrealism and dystopian folktales that express a concern for our time and the Earth’s future.”

Josh Keyes was born in Tacoma, Washington. In 1992 he received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in 1998 from Yale University. Keyes currently lives and works in Portland Oregon.

“Animals hold a special place in our collective psyche, and conception of the natural world. From all areas of the world, animals have been used and depicted in creation stories and myths, folk tales, and nursery rhythms. There is a universal connection that most people have with animals, there is an innocence, and when animal imagery is used in certain ways, stirs a sleeping instinctive nature within.”

“There are also times when the animals stand for something other than what they are, they stand as a metaphor for transformation, death, rebirth, or as a purely poetic expression.”

“On average a painting can take anywhere from three weeks to three months depending on the level of changes and detail. I start with a very rough sketch and take it on a journey. I change the perspective, the animals, the orientation, I also jot down ideas and possible titles.”

“Hearing other people’s interpretation is one of the highlights of painting these images, they always amaze me, and often give me new ideas for paintings.”

You can find more paintings and a very interesting Studio Blog on his homepage

Bryan Proteau – Featured Artist July

Here is a short interview with Cloven Hoov/Natvres Mortes Illvstration – aka Bryan Proteau of San Francisco, California who was ready to answer some of my questions about his illustration. Be prepared!

0) Thank you very much. I really appreciate this!
Okay, here are just a few things that would be important for me to know:
Did you visit art school or are you a self-taught artist? Do you use specific materials that makes your style individual?
I went to San Francisco Art Institute for a year and a half and was majoring in printmaking, however, the work I’m producing now looks nothing like what I was making during my time at SFAI. It was only after leaving there and taking a break from art that I was able to really get back into it. I work with pencil, india ink pen, and nib pens. I sometimes use tattoo ink to get the really dark black if I’m blacking out a background. But the materials I use are pretty basic to the craft.

1) I really, really dig your style. Currently a lot of pretty good artists do artwork for pretty good bands..
QUESTION: What bands do you work with, who is you favourite clientele, with whom do you work best?

Thank you so much, there are a lot of great artists collaborating with bands and I’m happy to play a small part in it. I mainly work with metal bands, black and doom metal bands, as well as some off projects for record labels, clothing companies etc. My favorite client to make art for would probably be Obolus. Their total anonymity allows me to create an identity through visuals, and I feel like I have a real understanding as to what they are trying to say musically, and that helps me create the visual side. But I also have a very special working relationship with the band Deafheaven. We were actually speaking at length about this recently. I’ve been with the band very early on, and all the work I’ve done for them has been pro bono. As the band has gotten more popular and my artwork has gotten more attention the result is mutually beneficial. They’re good friends of mine and we have a solid understanding of what the other is trying to accomplish artistically.

fornAbove: “Fórn”
"Death of Marat" originally by David ca. 1793. Redrawn 2013.Above: “Death of Marat” originally by David ca. 1793. Redrawn 2013.

2) You’re Blogtographer (haha, nice!) for SF Sludge, artist for Natvres Mortes Illvstration (alone or in a team?) and writer for CVLT Nation.
QUESTION: What do you prefer most and why?

Ha I say blogtographer because I don’t consider myself a real photographer, that would be an insult to people who actually know what they’re doing. Art is definitely my main focus. Change is nice but I’m at a point where I need to be fully invested in illustration. SF Sludge has been dead web space since February, and I’m not sure if I’ll pick it back up again. CVLT Nation is fun, but like with photography, I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m intimidated by writing record reviews, but luckily I can also do gig reviews and continue photographing live music. To answer your other question, Natvres Mortes is just me.

Above: artwork for SF funeral doom/sludge band Lycus’ demo

3)“Some of his work is heavily detailed, creating beautiful, crisp landscapes, and in some he reigns in his detailing and brings your focus to the subject.” (
QUESTION: Is there anything specific about you work, something you always have in mind while creating a new masterpiece or is there a higher importance in each artwork?

This is a difficult question to answer. I am trying to develop my own unique style, so I try and keep in mind that what I’m making should be cohesive with a body of work. But when it comes down to it when I’m creating art to always just do what’s best for the image. Some are more simplistic and rely more on contrast, others are more detail oriented. It varies each time.

Above: Art Zine, black on black covers, 10 pages, limited to 30 copies. Features art from both Rainbath and Cloven Hoov. – Sold Out –

Hey Kids, do us and especially Bryan a favour and check his Tumblr blog where he shares his artwork and inspirational stuff.
In his store you can buy patches, buttons and from time to time art zines.