Ricardo Nunes’ Places of Disquiet

At the age of 21 Ricardo Nunes explored the historically overwhelming center of  Lisbon for the first time on his own.

The last two years he travelled several times through Portugal, following “old memories of places he might have been” – places he visited with his parents to spend time with distant relatives.



He is showing us how important feelings are that we connect to pictures which we form out of blurry memories – “a simultaneity of foreignness and familiarity”.

“The loneliness that overcomes me in Portugal still has no release.” – Ricardo Nunes




Handmade uniqe noble black garment by our friend @strigoitattoo.

Each piece is a single copy.
Available only in the studio in Düsseldorf, no online shop.

Models are Karo, Caro & Robby.
Photographed by me.


A fantastic Instagram account

Instagram is a fascinating platform. Not only to stroll and explore accounts but also to find remarkably interesting artists – beside the selfie industry.

I started using instagram very late due to lack of interest. I didn’t know what a beautiful thing it can be and by now I use it nearly every day to find new inspiration, to support and encourage the people behind my favourite accounts.



I have a new follower. And I can only enthrust this account to you.

A black ghost travelling and haunting places? mr.black.boo is photography from Moscow, Russia



When you shoot film, it happens once in a while that the first frame is just half the image you captured.

Tag your first with #firstoftheroll and be featured on f1rstoftheroll




Suna Coskan is a graphic designer residing in Berlin, Germany.  She started using pictures from magizines and now assembling her own pictures with a spirograph. For more check monkeypistol or whateverhippie.tumblr.com

Photographs by Francesca Woodman (1958–1981)

Francesca Woodman was born April 3, 1958, in Denver, Colorado, to well-known artists George Woodman and Betty Woodman.
Woodman used different cameras and film formats during her career, but most of her photographs were taken with medium format cameras producing square negatives.
Woodman created at least 10,000 negatives, which her parents now keep.
She also created videotapes related to her photographs in which she “methodically whitewashes her own naked body, for instance, or compares her torso to images of classical statuary.”
The only artist’s book containing Woodman’s photographs that was published during her lifetime was Some Disordered Interior Geometries. Released in January 1981 shortly before Woodman’s death.

“During her short but fruitful life, Francesca Woodman created at least 10,000 negatives; subjects featuring herself and female models. Many of her photographs show young women who are nude, who are blurred (due to movement and long exposure times), who are merging with their surroundings, or whose faces are obscured. The Woodman estate consists of over 800 prints, of which only around 120 images had been published.”

“In late 1980, Woodman became depressed due to her work and to a broken relationship. She survived a suicide attempt, after which she lived with her parents in Manhattan.On January 19, 1981, she committed suicide by jumping out a loft window in New York. She was 22.”

(Via The Macabre And the Beautifully Grotesque)

Knate Myers Photography

Knate Myers lives in Albuquerque, NM. He is a self taught photographer and spends most of his free time shooting photos, obviously.

“Last year I discovered astro and timelapse photography. It was then that I decided to stop doing weddings and other paid jobs and simply focus on making art.”

“I try to photograph in such a way that the results have just a slight twist from the ordinary. I want my photos to look the way I see them in my head. –
Photography is the expression of imagination, not the duplication of reality”.