There is a new portfolio up on Tumblr – http://www.brigittezobel.tumblr.com

I will start posting again on The Blog asap, promise. I really miss browsing the internet for art and share it with people who are looking for inspiration around here.



I find power and strength in everything I love.

My energy is your weakness and my weakness, too.

I talked to you and to the stars when everything was simple,

and now I talk just to my self: Love was just too simple.

Brigitte Zobel | meandasuicide | http://www.brigittezobel.tumblr.com

loneliest human on earth

A feeling of sadness and a very big loss

eliminate the memory of easiness in my head

so heavy beset by doubts of life

and makes me feel like the loneliest human on earth.


…and I’d wish to drown in the sea, like a king in his blood

to sink to the bottom of my kingdom, in peace and silence

and to lie down my crown on the ground of the world and to rest for ever there.

..as of now

I stopped following, just stood there and inhaled. Found something else to listen to, a new sound. Just like a feather floating above the sea. A silent rush of freedom that touches my skin. A salty taste just like the sea-air. I decide when I am free.