BUSINESS FOR SATAN – Tattoos, Music, Artworks by Pierre Perichaud

It is unbelievable that I did not mention BUSINESS FOR SATAN until now; Pierre is an enormous talent – to witness in his illustration as well as in his tattoo skills.   While following him since the begging, starting with sweet, dark artworks he developed his unique style through many artworks for bands and brands….


I had a great time shooting KETZER for their album “Cloud Collider” – to be released on April 12th via Metal Blade Records

Chapel of Disease Promo

Chapel Of Disease for their new record AND AS WE HAVE SEEN THE STORM, WE HAVE EMBRACED THE EYE To be released on the 23rd of November through Ván Records

Ricardo Nunes’ Places of Disquiet

At the age of 21 Ricardo Nunes explored the historically overwhelming center of  Lisbon for the first time on his own. The last two years he travelled several times through Portugal, following “old memories of places he might have been” – places he visited with his parents to spend time with distant relatives. He is showing…